world of artdreesor

artdreesor is a unique, young, innovative art entrepreneur creating modular aesthetic masterpieces of art for enthusiasts, collectors and investors of art around the world.

Dominik DREES, founder and artist with a unique cosmopolitan background and Damien MARKULIN - visual director - have created and pushed forward the idea and concept of artdreesor to express different themes such as wealth and other sense-giving aspects of life.

The DNA of artdreesor is the modular system of three different cuboids(dreesors) sizes which can either be showcased by itself or be combined to an installation.

The dreesor itself is the safe – built to the very highest standards of craftsmanship - which celebrates and shelters the masterpiece of art.

The name “artdreesor” is an allusion to the artist name Dominik Drees and the nucleus of his work. Each masterpiece is signed and numbered by the artist. The “artdreesor collectors certificate card” guarantees its authenticity.

The three different sizes of the dreesors are named as follows:

quadro, 13x10x10 cm


octa, 13x20x10 cm


hexadec, 39x40x10 cm


All dreesors can either be showcased by themselves or being assembled to a spectacular installation or exhibition, consisting of hundreds or even thousands of dreesors.


the first million, installation, mixed media | 138x50x50 cm


the wealth pyramid, installation, mixed media | 184x80x80 cm


the great pyramid, installation, mixed media | 605x500x500 cm


"wealth flow", exhibition


the creation of artdreesor

The source of inspiration to create the artdreesor project is personal experience, spontaneous momentum, inspirational encounters with people and art, excessive traveling, mental involvement of various themes such as cryptomnesia, deep meditation and complementation, thoughtful or simply creative playfulness.
Its beauty lies in the combinational multitude of these inspirational aspects, or just one of them can be singled out and played with.

Dominik Drees, founder and creator of the artdreesor project, conceived the idea how to showcase the reference amount of money “One Million Dollars” in an eminently artistic way.
The visual appeal had to be more attractive than just stacking up a stash of 10,000 bills of 100$ on top of each other or to set it up as a large wallpaper. The idea was to display this amount in a way that it would be emitting this effect of being a treasure and a safe.

Putting the dollar bills in a transparent safe, which would also give this conserving effect, was thus the basic idea.
It emits this eternal aspect to the observer and the inner content - the cash - is well protected from the outside world from external
influences. It emits confidence that the value kept inside the safe is for real. Or isn’t it?
Does the safe protect this iconic amount from inflation? One Million Dollars showcased artistically has the potential to trigger
confrontations and promote discussions about sociological, ethical, political, even psychological and notably, financial
implications in today’s economic-driven world.
What was the buying power of One Million Dollars in the 30’s, before the crash?
What will it be in 20 years from now? How is wealth being defined aside from financial abundance?

The artdreesor’s first art cycle was thus conceived and it is showcasing wealth - materialistically omnipresent as cash to society or also as gold or diamonds. And yet, the intangible aspect of wealth plays an even greater role: Wellness, time, love, security, family, happiness, soft and hard factors of our lives.

The driving force of artdreesor is to create a growing platform of interactions within the various artwork cycles and promoting a multidimensional and personal artistic language. It encompasses a complex synthesis of painting, sculpture and many more artistic disciplines for an appealing visual mise-en-scène.


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